Lavalle tiles Applications

Lavalle tiles are suitable for work areas which require a strong, long lasting and permanent or semi-permanent floor. Lavalle pvc tiles are ideal for floor areas where lot of foot/trolley/forklift movement is expected. PVC tile flooring can be done on new floors or old floors, where other flooring solutions are already tried.

In our experience, most of our clients are having existing factory set up and they have tried everything from cement plaster, Epoxy coat, Industrial tile etc. and still they have flooring issues every now and then. This situation leads to reduced production hours and increase in maintenance cost. Lavalle tiles are flexible, so it will not break. And even if a tile got damaged, it can be replaced with a new one, in couple of minutes. Installation of Lavalle tiles are not time consuming and it does not require plant shut down also.

Lavalle tile flooring is a superior flooring solution, compared to Epoxy coated floors, Cement plastered floors or even Industrial tiled floors, as all these flooring solutions are brittle and also gets damaged when comes into contact with water, oil or coolants. Lavalle tiles do not get damaged even if come into regular contact with water, oil or coolants.

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In Indian market till the entry of Lavalle tiles, the available flooring solutions for factories were epoxy, cement plaster, concrete, tiles or stones. But these flooring solution are brittle, prone to damage when came in contact with oil/chemicals, slippery and time consuming to apply. Lavalle tiles are flexible, unbreakable and comes in attractive colors. The unique practical advantage of Lavalle tile flooring is that the laying work can be done without a plant shutdown. With all the other flooring solutions, plant shut down is a must and your plant should be idle for a minimum time frame of 24 hours. Lavalle tiles can be cleaned by handheld / motorized cleaning equipment's with plain/soap water.

Warehouse floors

Lavalle tile is an excellent solution for warehouse areas. PVC Tiles are strong and resistant to wear and tear which is very common to warehouse floors. Lavalle tile come in variety of attractive colors and can be used to identify different work areas. Lavalle tiles are easily portable, and are ideal for businesses who lease their premises and tend to relocate often. Laminate, vinyl sheets, and permanent floors such as epoxy / brittle tiles cannot be removed and relocated to a new facility. A sturdy, attractive and removable floor is an investment rather than an expenditure. A Lavalle tile floor is an asset that you can carry with you. This advantage is very important for warehouse owners who are likely to relocate often due to the market conditions.

Garage Floors

Lavalle tiles are ideal for garage floors for many reasons. Lavalle tile enable you to quickly organize a garage and stay in place and resist wear & tear from heavy vehicle movement. Lavalle tile will not get damaged by water / oil / motor fuel spillages. As in garages / workshops, dropping of tools or heavy objects are expected, Lavalle tiles protect both the floor and the tool dropped. Lavalle tile flooring provide an excellent alternative to floor paints/epoxies, as paint is susceptible to frequent peeling and chipping when came in contact with water / oils / motor fuel and must be re-applied regularly. Lavalle tile is an excellent solution for anyone who wants a sturdy garage floor that requires minimal maintenance.

We recommend Lavalle tile flooring in the indoor areas

Cleaning and maintenance:

Cleaning of Lavalle tile flooring is very easy. Sweep the floor regularly to remove dirt particles, metal scraps or any other foreign particles. The floors can be damp mopped occassionally. Regular soap water or any other mild cleaning agents can be used to remove oil or mud stains. If oil/water spillage happens on the floor, it is advisable to mop the area within 10-15 minutes.