Lavalle - PVC Interlocking floor tiles

PVC Tiles bring life to your floors. The tiles are specifically designed for factory/workshop floors where lot of foot/trolley/vehicle movements happen. In these work environments, the floors are prone to damages and the average life expectancy is less than two years. PVC tiles withstand high pressure and torque from vehicle/fork lift wheels. PVC Tiles are flexible in nature, so they can absorb weight impacts. PVC Tiles are interlocked to each other and work as a floor carpet. But whenever required, the tiles can be easily dismantled and transported. So your investment on PVC tile is never lost even if you decide to relocate and the life expectancy is 3 to 5 times compared to other industrial flooring solutions. PVC tiles come in red, green, blue, grey and black colors.

Industrial flooring, Workshop Flooring


PVC tiles are suitable and safe for any environment requiring a permanent or semi-permanent floor. PVC tiled flooring is suggested for indoor areas of:



In Indian market till the entry of Lavalle Tiles, the available flooring solutions for factories were epoxy, cement plaster, concrete, tiles or stones. But these flooring solution are brittle, prone to damage when came in contact with oil/chemicals, slippery and time consuming to apply. PVC tiles are flexible, unbreakable, comes in attractive colors and easy to apply. When you go for PVC tiles, the laying work can be done without the need for a plant shutdown, but with all the other flooring solutions, plant shut down is a must for 24 to 48 hours. PVC Tiles can be cleaned by handheld/motorized cleaning equipment's with plain/soap water.

Warehouse floors

PVC Tile is an excellent solution for companies with warehouse operations. PVC Tiles are strong and resistant to wear and tear common to warehouse floors. PVC Tiles come in variety of attractive colors and can be used to identify different work areas. PVC Tiles are easily portable, and are ideal for businesses who lease their premises. Laminate, wood, and permanent floors are expensive and cannot be removed and relocated to a new facility.

A sturdy, attractive, removable floor is an investment rather than a simple purchase. A PVC Tile floor is an asset that you can take with you. This advantage is very important for small-business owners who have limited resources or are likely to relocate.

Garage Floors

PVC Tiles are ideal for garage floors for many reasons.

PVC Tiles enable you to quickly organize a garage and stay in place and resist wear & tear from heavy vehicles. PVC tiles will not be damaged by water/oil/motor fuel spillages. As in garages/workshops, dropping of tools or heavy objects are expected, PVC Tiles eliminate the risk of damaging the floor. PVC Tiles provide an excellent alternative to floor paints/epoxies, as paint is susceptible to frequent peeling and chipping when came in contact with water/oils/motor fuel and must be re-applied regularly. PVC Tile is an excellent solution for anyone who wants a sturdy garage floor that requires minimal maintenance. You can use these tiles to create a permanent garage floor, or you can remove your floor and take it with you if you move to a new facility.

PVC Tiles, PVC flooring

Advantages of PVC Tiles

1. Hygienic5. Easy & quick to install
2. Attractive6. Provides excellent insulation
3. Slip-resistant7. Can be loose laid with minimal floor preparation
4. Resistant to UV8. Can with stand frequent forkIifts/vehicle/foot movement


Chemical resistance
PVC Tiles have good resistance to most chemicals tested. Tested chemicals include:- 95% Ethanol, Tallow, Mineral Oil, Vegetable Oil, Hydrofluoric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide. There was no significant colour change on any test piece.

Fire & Cigarettes
PVC Tile passed the BS4790 1972 Hot Metal Nut test. However, like all other PVC materials, PVC Tiles will retain a residual brown mark when someone puts out a cigarette on the floor.

Noise reductions
The weight of each tile with a density of 1380- 1465 kg/m3s ensures a high level of noise reduction.

PVC Tiles have been tested by the Tetrapod method. After 3,000,000 cycles, there were no visible changes in the surface texture.

PVC Tiles resist oil and chemical attack and are rot proof. However, it is wise to remove spillages as soon as possible and regular general maintenance such as sweeping, damp mopping or dry washing with a cylindrical scrubber combined vacuum machine is highly advised.

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